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About me

  • About me

    ever since 4th grade, I've known about glogster. I was the one in my class who did so many glogs. I did about 20 glogs in one month. I was the crazy glogster freak!!
  • Music

    As you can see in quite a bit of my glogs is that I really like Disney Channel singers, and just Disney Channel in general. I love the suite life on deck.


    Last night, I watched a show called ghost busters (on SyFy), and it was very interesting because they were able to communicate with the ghosts and ask yes or no questions. It was so surprizing! After watching that show, I don't know whether ghosts are rea
  • Lifestyle

    I really like to do sports and art because those are the things that I am good at.Most people in my class want to be an engineer when they grow up, but not me. I want to be an artist!!


    I am a girl who plays fastpitch softball. I recently went to a softball camp and I met one of the new college softball pitchers who is said to be the best pitcher in the country. She is my favorite pitcher in the country!
  • Arts

    I love to draw. I am the artist of my class! I really like glogster because it is a little bit like art.


    I love chacolate pie! i like the words yayness, and pneumonoultromicroscopicsilicovalcanoconiosis. i dont know if i spelled it right though. i have glogster contests. Someone join while you can. i will write your glogster name right here:


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